EtherCAT AC Servo Driver

The XSC-ECAT-ASD04 is EtherCAT AC Servo Driver. The XSC-ECAT-ASD04 has compact size, using DC power supply up to 350 volt and power output up to 400W. It support a wide variety of position feedback sensors from Tamagawa, Yaskawa, Panasonic,…

The XSC-ECAT-ASD04 has built-in EtherCAT CiA402 Drive Profile. It is installed by daisy chain connection that provides a more scalable system with fewer wires and easy setup with EtherCAT master and other EtherCAT Slave devices in the market.

The setup and tuning process in XSCECAT-ASD04 can be done easily through NR-ASD Configurator software. The product also support analysis and advance filtering function for enhanced dynamic performance application.