nEXT1 Servo Driver

nEXT1 Servo Driver is EtherCAT AC Servo Driver. nEXT1 Servo Driver has compact size, using DC power supply up to 350 volt and current output up to 16 ampere. It support a wide variety of position feedback sensors from Tamagawa, Yaskawa, Panasonic,…

nEXT1 Servo Driver has built-in EtherCAT CiA402 Drive Profile. It is installed by daisy chain connection that provides a more scalable system with fewer wires and easy setup with EtherCAT master and other EtherCAT Slave devices in the market.

The setup and tuning process in nEXT1 Servo Driver can be done easily through nEXT Configurator software. The product also support analysis and advance filtering function for enhanced dynamic performance application.